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Starbackr is becoming Current – Find us in the App Store!

Hello all our Starbackr users, we’re excited to announce that the STARBACKR platform is moving to your phone!

Our new app is called Current (Download for iOS and Android) and we’re excited to bring you all the functionality you know and love and also add in a much broader network for you to create content for.

Current is built on top of the Nostr network, which is a decentralized social media protocol (Think Napster or Limewire for social media posts). This means whenever you make a post on Current, it not only is shared with all Starbackr users, but also to everyone whos using Nostr (over 100k users and growing like crazy!)

Current lets you:

  • Post content and get zapped by any user on nostr, instantly
  • Have a built in wallet that automatically links to your account
  • Instantly import all your twitter followers that are on Nostr already
  • Three click signup and onboard to get posting
  • Integrated with Giphy to post your favorite memes
  • And much more!
  • We have a ton of new features and functionality on the way for Current and as always look forward to getting your feedback on how we can make it even better for users.

Note: Accounts will not be imported over to protect privacy.

You will need to create a new Current

account to use the platform and your existing posts will not be imported.

Tag your post with #Current and we’ll send you a zap instantly to get started!

We will be sunsetting the web app for Starbackr on 31st of May

Please make sure and withdraw any remaining funds you have on the platform. If you are having any troubles at all please reach out to us at and we’ll make sure and get you sorted out.

Grab Current (Download for iOS and Android) and get going and let us know when you’ve joined by tagging #current in your post, we’ll send you some zaps to get you started!

Much love from the Starbackr / Current team. 🧡

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Starbackr is becoming Current!
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