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Current App Heredia Update

Building With You in Mind

Hey there, Current App Users! We’ve been on this incredible journey together, and every step of the way, your feedback and passion have been our guiding light. Today, we’re stoked to share the Heredia update, Version 0.1.2, which has been designed and crafted with every one of you in mind.
Let’s break down the awesome tweaks and additions:

All you need to know about the update

  • Revamped Settings: We gave our settings a fresh coat of paint and a more user-friendly menu. Trust us, it feels different (in a good way!).
  • Better Post Interaction: You know the ‘more’ button? It’s now way cooler. When you like or repost, you’ll feel it, literally. Haptic feedback’s got your back! And, we’ve made sure every post gets its own like and repost buttons—because why not?

  • Bug Fixes Galore: Those annoying hitches when you were trying to comment or follow someone? Gone. We’ve made sure of it.

  • Post in Style: That ‘New Post’ button has found a new home in the feed. And when you’re feeling inspired to share, the spruced-up posting screen awaits. Oh, and shoutouts to friends are now a piece of cake with easy tagging!

  • Fresh Home Feed Design: The buttons beside posts? They’ve had a minor makeover. It’s the little things, right?

  • No More Importing Hiccups: Some of you mentioned issues with importing followers and relay lists. We heard you, and we’ve fixed it.

  • User Statuses (NIP-38/NIP-315): A fresh addition to our update! User statuses are now integrated and seem rock solid. We’re thrilled to have them as a part of v0.1.2.

Stay connected

With the Heredia update, we’re celebrating what makes Current App so special: our community. We want this platform to be a true reflection of you, and with every update, we’re getting closer to that dream.
Eager to experience these enhancements? Download the beta version from Google Play or the App Store. Directly access it here: Current App Heredia Update

Let’s stay tuned! Connect with us on InstagramTwitter and reach out on Nostr using our Nostr Pubkey (npub): npub1current7ntwqmh2twlrtl2llequeks0zfh36v69x4d3wmckg427safsh3w.

Till the next update, keep shining!

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