The power of Bitcoin + nostr at your hands


Current is based on "Notes and Other Stuff Transmitted by Relays" (nostr); a protocol that enables decentralized social media

Powered by Bitcoin

Current comes with an integrated Lightning Wallet, combining frictionless transfer of value in a social network.

Designed for you

Current is designed with the user in mind. With features like "Find your Friends" or "BIP-39 Backups" Current makes using nostr a piece of cake.

Open Source

Just like the protocols it is based on, Current is 100% open source. Check out the Repository.

Reasons for the Current App

Simple – elegant – easy to understand user interface


current is built on the nostr protocol. It enables a decentralised and open transfer of information and eliminates central middle men.

current comes with an integrated Bitcoin wallet that allows you to frictionless send and receive value while interacting with other users on nostr. It unlocks native and one-click Value4Value interactions.

When you create your key-pair with current, you can choose a personal Lightning Address and NIP-05 username.

current utilises Bitcoin’s BIP-39 to create a human-readable backup for your nostr keys. If you ever loose your device, you can restore access to your nostr-profile as well as you current wallet using this backup.

You can upload images and videos and share them with the world on nostr directly from the current app.

Don’t know if your friends are on nostr already? Don’t worry! With current you can easily find people that you follow on Twitter or search for new people to follow by pubkey / NIP05 / Twitter Handle.

Zaps are a nostr-native user interaction that combines Lightning Tips and Likes. With Current you can send and receive Zaps right after creating your account.