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BTC Prague – well-known Bitcoiners all in one place

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What is it about?

From June 8-10, 2023, Prague was the venue for the high-profile BTC Prague, a Bitcoin Only conference that attracted people worldwide. From the side events in the city to the inspiring talks and meetings with prominent figures in the Bitcoin world, BTC Prague provided an interesting and memorable weekend.

Michael Saylor on stage

For whom was the Conference

In addition to BTC Prague, there were exciting side events, such as meeting Anita Posch, (educator, author, and founder of Bitcoin for Fairness), and participating in a hackathon or Meetups with the Nostr Community. The advantage of arriving early was the opportunity to make valuable contacts and get in touch with like-minded people even before the official start or just to get to know the city of Prague with its unique buildings and nature.

BTC Prague was for everyone: Bitcoiners from all over the world, who are already familiar with the topics and looking for deeper insights as well as meeting like-minded people, and people who have already heard about Bitcoin but are still learning about the topic or want to slowly approach Bitcoin. Here, Bitcoin experts get the opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people and dive deeper into the subject. Those who are just at the beginning of their Bitcoin journey could benefit from information and testing on Bitcoin products and services. BTC Prague thus created a platform to support and encourage both experienced Bitcoiners and newcomers.

A Vibrant Blend of Industry, Presentations, and Networking

The event kicked off on Thursday with Industry Day, a somewhat quieter day compared to the days to come. This provided the perfect opportunity to interact with Bitcoiners and have in-depth conversations in a relaxed atmosphere. On this day, the pitch presentations also took place. At which young companies could present their businesses.
The exhibition area of BTC Prague was impressive. There was a wide range of booths, from mining companies to hardware wallets or various cold storage options like Seedor, to a large merchandise area from 

Lina Seiche’s Little Hodler, Nerd Miner, Sticker, and Bitcoin Art, like Bitart, and Bitcoin Apex, as well as signed books by well-known Bitcoiners, like Saifedean Ammous, who wrote the “Bitcoin Standard” or Rahim Taghizadegan (, who is an Austrian Economics, lecturer,  and has several publications on the Austrian School. The days were too short to see, listen to everything, and talk to everybody. Especially a lot of things took place at the same time one had to finally choose, between booths and some talks or valuable conversations. Fortunately, the presentations were recorded, which you can watch afterward on the YouTube channel of BTC Prague.

A Global Gathering of Bitcoin Experts and Community Building

The international focus attracted well-known Bitcoin experts from around the world: Michael Saylor, Blocktrainer or Podcast Host from all over the world, like Stephan Livera , Bitcoin verstehen and Content Creator like the Bitcoin Explorers or The Crypto Couple attended. 

It also felt like a class reunion, as I met many familiar faces from the German Bitcoin community and got to meet new great people at the same time. There were also two runs from the Bitcoin Runners, which made me happy myself to meet them in person for once. Since I was on the road with the bike anyway, the sport did not come too short.

Friday evening also featured a light show by Bitman, where the Bitcoin logo and the words “Study Bitcoin” were illuminated on the buildings in Prague. Bitman has already organized in several cities among others Berlin and Frankfurt am Main on the ECB their light spectacle.

The organizers of BTC Prague had a clear goal in mind: they wanted to talk about the most important topics around Bitcoin and bring the community together. And that’s exactly what you could feel throughout the conference. The atmosphere was welcoming and friendly, which led to new networking and ideas. BTC Prague provided a unique platform to share the latest developments in the Bitcoin world and to benefit from the experience and insights of the experts.

The weekend at BTC Prague was an intense and unforgettable experience. Although the time in Prague was short, the conference managed to provide a wide range of impressions and insights. The mostly good weather allowed attendees to effortlessly commute between events and the city, or just sit outside in the sun and interact with other Bitcoin enthusiasts. Even if that requires a bit of organization here and there. BTC Prague was not just a conference, but a unique opportunity to make new contacts, expand knowledge and be part of a tight-knit community.
Overall, the conference was over far too quickly. The variety of presentations, discussions as well as encounters made it hard to decide on one thing to attend. But that’s what made BTC Prague so appealing – the opportunity to be in the center of a vibrant and dynamic community, pursuing the common goal of broader Bitcoin adoption. I am grateful for the valuable experience and insights I gained at this conference, and I am already looking forward to future events that have the potential to further spread this positive energy and enthusiasm.

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