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A beacon of HOPE

In traditional social media, bots are always associated with bad actors. Twitter bots, scam bots, bot armies, russian bots, troll bots, and a variety of other bots frequently create an unpleasant experience. The feedback loop created by traditional social media constantly fueled rage, anger, and anxiety. This increased their audience and ad revenue. But it was so harmful to the users. So , on Nostr, we wanted to change that experience. 

When zapping became popular on Nostr, real sats began to flow between users. Anyone can zap on posts at random, which created this positive loop of excitement. 

To put this experience to the test, I made the spread the love bot, which will zap anyone who posts a note with 21 sats. 21 sats is less than a penny and will not change anyone’s financial situation, but it will bring a smile to their face. The key point here is that 21 sats zapped to a post with no expectations. How many times have you given someone a penny and not expected anything in return?

So I gave the bot 1000 sats and expected it to run for a couple of hours before running out of sats. But the truth was quite different. The sats balance increased. Many people were zapping back anywhere from 1 to 100,000 sats.

The bot zapped over 2000 nostr users for the very first time. Consider the positive experience it provides. As of March 14, the bot’s sats balance was 206,444 sats with over 7000 successful zaps. My personal goal is to reach 10,000 zaps before the Nostrica 2023 conference. 

And… the response has been positive so far…

As the saying goes, “There are more good people than bad people, and overall there’s more that’s good in the world than there is that’s bad. We just need to hear about it, we just need to see it.”

This is the beacon of Hope…! Let’s create this positive experience for everyone coming to Nostr…!

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