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Have you gone Badge surfing on Nostr?

Badge surfing is a real thing on nostr

We’ve seen badges on numerous social media sites, typically awarded by the platform or accredited institutions. On Nostr, thanks to @cameri and NIP-58, anyone can create, award, and display them on their profiles. With, creating and awarding badges has become easier for everyone. However, only a few Nostr clients, such as Amethyst and, display them in profiles.

When we began designing the badge display feature for Current App, our goal was to simplify the process of accepting, activating, and organizing badges to make profiles stand out.

After building this functionality, I started testing it by browsing through profiles and badges. Unintentionally, I began badge surfing and found many unique, cringe-worthy, hilarious, and creative badges. Here are some that I discovered:

A great aspect of badges is that the profile owner must accept them before they appear on their profiles. So, while you can be awarded numerous badges, only the ones you activate will be displayed. We made this process incredibly easy in the Current App. Just go to the profile edit view, and you can pick, reorder, or delete the badges on your profile.

This also explains why many profiles don’t display any badges. Nostr clients such as Damus still don’t support profile badges. If your Nostr client doesn’t support badges, visit or the Current App to view all the badges you’ve received.

Here’s a quick video of how to set it up on Current App:

Additionally, I’m eager to discover more. If you find any new badges worth sharing, please add them to the comments!

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